No treatment?  What’s that mean?

dental tools with a question mark

I believe that most everyone, whether they know it or not, balances an orthodontic treatment recommendation against what they believe will happen if they don’t receive that treatment.  However, I know that the option of “no treatment” is not always discussed by the orthodontistThe problem with the lack of understanding of what “no treatment” means is that the person deciding on treatment cannot make a fully informed decision.

Here’s what this looks like without the “no treatment discussion”: 

“Mrs. Johnson, I recommend two years of braces for Suzie and I will resolve her crowding and deep overbite.”

Here’s my version:

“Mrs. Johnson, Suzie has crowding and a deep overbite.  With no treatment, if Suzie were to return in 10 years, we will be able to see worse crowding and an even deeper overbite.  Once she is in her 20s, we will see a steady progression of these problems for the rest of her life.  The consequences of these changes are (blah blah blah, no for today’s blog). If I provide treatment, these problems will be resolved and we will prevent these future problems.”

That’s different.  It’s important as well.

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