Patient Information

Patient Information

Gentry Orthodontics in Clarksville, TN provides patients of all ages with high quality orthodontic care. Since 2009, our professional, friendly staff has provided a comprehensive range of services including braces, orthodontic implants, Invisalign®, retainers, and more. We are a patient-focused practice and provide individualized care and treatments. Our staff and doctors are committed to getting to know you and your needs. We want to help you increase your confidence and improve your smile!

Your First Visit

Our practice accepts patients new to orthodontic care and those who are looking to transfer care. During your first visit, we will take some time to get to know you, and evaluate your oral health records. Our team will take plaster study models of your teeth, photos of your mouth, and X-rays. Using this information, we will discuss your treatment options and develop a treatment plan that addresses your needs or continues your current care plan.

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Orthodontics in Clarksville, TN at Gentry Orthodontics

Regular Appointments

After your braces, expanders, orthodontic implants or other appliances have been placed, it is important to attend regular appointments and adjustments. These appointments help us track your progress and allow Dr. Gentry and our staff to keep your treatment plan on track.

We work to provide timely services to all patients and make every effort to keep our practice running on time. If you cannot make it to your appointment, please notify our office immediately. Since most appointments are made 4 to 8 weeks in advance, it can be difficult to reschedule, so please cancel only if it is an emergency.

Payment & Office Policies

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on your treatment plan and the services you are receiving. We work to keep our services affordable and offer a number of payment plans. In addition, we accept most insurance plans. During your initial consultation, we will discuss the payment options for your treatment, as well as your insurance eligibility. Together, we will work with you to determine which payment plan fits your budget. If you have insurance, we will help you determine what type of coverage you have. Our team will handle all claims and processing to maximize your benefits and expedite processing.

For more information about our office policies, orthodontic services, our practice, or to request an appointment, please contact us today at 931.552.5332. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our patient family.