Braces & Orthodontics

Braces & Orthodontics

Serving Patients of All Ages in Clarksville, TN

A bright, healthy smile is an important part of making a good first impression. In addition, having a beautiful smile can have a positive impact on your self confidence and dental health. Here at Gentry Orthodontics in Clarksville, TN, we believe in helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful, and natural smiles. We serve both children and adults with orthodontic services. Our staff and doctor work individually with each patient to create and implement personalized treatment plans.

Dental Braces are one of the most popular types of orthodontic appliances. Our practice provides patients with a range of orthodontic services including metal and clear braces. Please read below for the benefits of each or contact our office for more information.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic appliance. They provide patients with an effective way to straighten their teeth, which improves their ability to clean the teeth and improves functionality of the bite. These type of braces straighten your teeth through the use of high-grade stainless steel brackets and archwires. By gently applying pressure to the teeth over time, they are gradually moved into their ideal positioning.

Clear Braces

Made of clear materials, ceramic or clear braces are less visible on the teeth than metal braces. This type of oral appliance is often used for older patients who want their braces to be less detectable. While they are more aesthetically pleasing, this ceramic braces are larger and more brittle than metal braces. This means they require more diligent oral hygiene habits. In addition, clear braces tend to be used on upper front teeth rather than lower teeth.

Invisalign® Aligners

This type of teeth straightening treatment uses clear plastic trays to gradually straighten the teeth. These trays fit comfortably over your teeth and are removed when eating or brushing your teeth. One of the most popular brands of clear dental braces is Invisalign®. An Invisalign® system is composed of a series of custom-made trays, which cause the teeth to gently shift. These trays are worn for the majority of the day and patients switch to the next set of trays after a few weeks of use. The biggest advantage for Invisalign® trays is they are virtually undetectable. This provides patients with a discrete way to straighten their smile.

Metal and Clear Braces in Clarksville, TN at Gentry Orthodontics

For more information about braces, our services, our orthodontic practice, or to schedule an appointment please contact us today at 931.552.5332. We are proud to serve patients from Clarksville, TN and surrounding communities.